October 2021

17 Sun

29. NEDELJA MED LETOMIgnacij Antiohijski, škof, muč.
Studeno  |  ob: 10:00  |  mašuje: g. Jožef
† Franc Česnik, Belsko 6b

20 Wed

SredaRozalina, redovnica
Strmca  |  ob: 18:00  |  mašuje: g. Tilen
††† Širca

22 Fri

PetekJanez Pavel II., papež
Strmca  |  ob: 18:00  |  mašuje: g. Jožef
† Irena Rovšček

24 Sun

Studeno  |  ob: 10:00  |  mašuje: g. Tilen
††† Križman in Magajna, Studeno 12

29 Fri

PetekMihael Rua, duh. in redovnik
Studeno  |  ob: 18:00  |  mašuje: g. Tilen
† Matija Simčič, Studeno 105

30 Sat

SobotaMarcel, mučenec
Belsko  |  ob: 18:00  |  mašuje: g. Tilen
† Franc Magajna, obletna, Bukovje 41

We are very proud of the custom calendar added to the theme. The calendar is ready to use, and no plugin is necessary to get it working.

Other than calendar plugins the calendar of the theme is linked to a post, giving you the ability to add content to the calendar as you feel necessary.

Other features include:

  • A countdown timer.
  • advanced recurring calendar settings
  • a sidebar widget.
  • a Custom calendar view for using in the main content on the front page.
  • Custom calendar pages.

Should you feel that you would not want to use the custom calendar and would rather add a plugin, you can do it by just adding your plugin and follow the directions of the plugin creator.